The most important thing to heal your disease.

Is not a medicine, injection or surgery, it is to know that “your regenerating power is beyond your mind”.

Let’s take herniated disk for example. It is generally an incurable injury. 

Many doctors say “there are only three steps to take – 1. Physical Therapy, 2. Steroid injection and 3. Surgery for your injured disk”. 

Some even say “It is incurable, it needs to be managed in your lifetime.”

But actually, there are many cases bulged parts can get selected and the majority of disk gets regenerated itself without steroid or surgery. 

And not only disk problems but many other diseases that have been branded uncurable are actually curable by this regenerative power. 

Actually, By deep diving into your lifestyle – diet, emotion, mind, exercise, sleep, love, work and relationship and balancing them is one of the most effective things you can do to fully activate your power of healing. 

Incidentally, the burst disk that assaulted me a year ago made me impossible to even to wear socks, taking shower, driving, and sleep. The doctor told me “how are you possible to actually walk?” is now 90% healed without any injection or surgery or acetaminophen just. by shifting the lifestyle and mindset.

There is a Japanese saying “Every disease starts from your mind”.

After all, not only your sickness but also healing will start from your mind as well. 


This is not a picture of my own disk but it is showing the process of lumber disk getting healed.