A life full of Toxins

Where does toxin come into our body?

Food additives, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, tap water, factory wastewater, cleaners, cosmetics, building materials, exhaust gas, canned cans, plastic, prescribing medicines etc. Those who are reading my post are highly health conscious, so I think you already know about this area.

The number of poisons is increasing astronomically compared to just half a century ago, now toxins are spreading everywhere. It is a life full of poison. Poison is hiding in an unexpected place we can not imagine and surprises us.

For example, pizza.

Pizza salami is so and so, cheese is so and so, pizza dough is so and so, well… it is beyond that cliche.

It is the box.

Pizza boxes are often spread with perfluorinated alkylated substance (PFAS) – a chemical substance with a terribly long name than Pokemon monsters attached to it, is an endocrine disruptor and causes immunotoxicity. It is said that increase the risk of developmental, reproductive, nervous system disorders, and weak immunity and even cancer. It is a very poisonous substance especially for – guess who? – pizza stapled developing children.

PAFS is used not only for pizza boxes but also for many non-sticking frying pans, rain gear, climbing shoes, stain-processed clothes, furniture, backpacks, and even in medical equipment in hospitals. So we likely be exposed. 

Can you imagine where this poison go when leaving our body?

A study in Europe from 2015, researchers found this perfluorooctane sulfonic acid enters the infant through the mother’s breast milk. The mother’s level of PFAS goes down after breastfeeding a baby. But it gets concentrated in breast milk and passed down to our babies… our future. 

Reference here.

Much nasty poison like this one we have in our body will be handed down to generations after us and may cause some health obstacles to our descendants.

It seems almost impossible to avoid toxins 100% as long as we exist. So what important is to know the existence of such poisons, avoid them, and detoxify yourself to excrete them regularly from the body to help support your bodily detoxification.




Reference: Toxin Solution by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno