The Christmas gift for myself has arrived! – Berkey Filter

I accomplished much this year. So I sent myself a Christmas gift to celebrate myself and it arrived yesterday. Hoo Hoo Hoo!

The water filter I was using had gotten broken a while ago, so I placed an order for Berkey Filter which I have wanted to give it a try for quite a long time. 

70% of our physical body is water. The water is indispensable for us to live, and influencing our body, spirit, emotions, and thinking. 

The water from a tap in your house traveled a long distance from the source. Water absorbs energy and minerals from the wild but at the same time, it contacts with many harmful substances for our body. 

Water is also given disinfectants and it has to have a minimum chlorine level when it comes out of your tap. It is necessary but chlorine also damages our health in many ways. Especially when the chlorine gets warmed up it creates a carcinogenic byproduct called trihalomethane by six folds as much as it is in cold water. When you take a shower you inhale it in the steam to your lung. So pay attention to the  water quality in your bathroom as well.

Water also contains heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, pesticide, herbicide, and other POPs. 

Water is said to absorb energy and sustain it so avoid filthy water as much as possible to refrain from being negatively charged by harmful energy. 

If you want to know more about water, how to minimize toxins in it, please listen to my PodCast below.

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