“Oishi!” means “Delicious” in Japanese. Taste good for you is also good for your health, right?

But is it really so?

Nowadays there are so many things we need to consider if we really want healthy food. In the mecca of new ideas San Francisco Bay area, The talk gets really heated up in the kitchen when Shinya and Yuka get together for occasional dinner. “Oishi! Wholistic – Kitchen Talk Podcast” is a kitchen conversation about what we eat. We re-examine what healthy food is from a holistic perspective through personal research and experience, giving open thoughts and facts based on a latest scientific research data about what we eat presented by two unique Japanese Health connoisseurs.


Our Hosts:

Shinya Yokota

is a Bio-Ninja came from Samurai era from Japan. He is actually a Samurai descendant who carries bio gadgets like a sword against the variety of toxins in this modern world. He is a Rounessaunce Ninja who possesses both Tradition and Modern, Arts and Technology, and Health with holistic Wisdom.

He has been exploring a variety of medicines and philosophies from many masters – Zen, Tai Chi Cheng, Qi Gong, Shiatsu and currently studying Ayurveda and in many countries Japan, China, Korea, and several cities in the US.  Trying to create a place where people can access supreme themselves.


Yuka Kakinuma

has mastery of Quantum Medicine and worked as a pediatric nurse in San Francisco.

She was born and raised in Japan. In 2007, She moved to the US to fulfill her life’s higher calling – to understand what lies at the root of health and disease. Now helping people through her practice, coaching, and events.

Yuka is giving an important perspective in this Podcast especially the relationship between food and woman’s, children’s health.

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美味しい!ホリスティック!ラジオ 記念すべきエピソード その第十回、特別企画。






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Episode 6

Soy & GMO

The US is #1 soy producer but they consume lowest in the world. Whereas Japan is producing almost lowest, but the #1 soy consumer of the world. There is a controversy around soy that is a possible cause of breast cancer, especially in this country. But on a contrary, Japan is one of the healthiest, and always listed as one of the countries with the longest longevity. This is strange. Is soy really causing ill health for us? If so why? Nowadays many foods we do not even realize contain soy. There are many meat alternatives, snacks, and protein drinks contain soy protein. You will know what the possible influence of soy and soy contained products – good and bad – to our wellbeing. And what do we need to be careful when choosing soy products. Read More


関根 絵里


Episode 5


What was so attractive about sugar? Why are we so attached to sugar? Soda, milk, pasta, pizza, and lots of fruits all so sweet and almost everyone loves sugar. How much sugar are we taking? Is it too much? Where is it hiding? Is this causing our health problem? We dived into sugar in this episode.



砂糖が万人に愛される理由はそれが唯一許されたドラッグだから。でも、糖質はなんにでも含まれる。ごはん、パン、穀物、乳製品、酒、ビールにみりん。。。どんな種類があるのか?どれだけならいいのか?どれだけが摂取過多なのか?害は?メリットは?砂糖と糖質について知る絶好のエピソード。英語で愛する人は “Sugar”。でも、砂糖はあなたの愛する人ほど甘くはないかもしれません。お楽しみ下さい!

インタビュー 6


「笑うことが一番の毒消し」と、面白おかしいその人柄の裏にある、自分の経験と観察に深く根を下ろした個性ある健康観を聞き出しています。「プリンス」は「貴公子」じゃなくて「王子」じゃないか(笑、 というツッコミはさておき、インフルエンザから抜け出し直後で、よく回っていないぼくの頭とは対照的な、キレのいいサティーさんのお話をお楽しみください。

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