Prostitute in you

It is often said that the essence of another person is sleeping in you. For example, “the essence of a child” is one of them, but “prostitute” in you may be unheard of.

Prostitutes exchange money with sex. This is a general prostitute on a street, but if it is spoken for inner prostate, “body ” is a symbol of morals, moderation, innocence, honesty, etc. People who have it are called “prostitute archetypes”.

This is part of the science of human energy, which has been elaborated by Dr. Carolyn Myss. The implications of these archetype imbalances are clearly articulated in many of her books.

According to Dr. Myss, most of the men and women prostitute archetype is married and tend to hold onto their jobs once they have obtained them. Even if it turns out to be a mentally painful or inappropriate job, look for any excuse and prioritize financial stability.

Especially if the person know where your passion lies, Dr. Miss says it’s a typical inner prostitute who sells her soul and gets financial security. Prostitute energy thrives on fears around stability and security. 

This “prostitute archetype” becomes most prominent in a marriage relationship because it includes your family, children, home loans, and assets. At the soul level, even if you strongly feel that you have to get out of the situation, you justify it mainly for economic reasons and cling to the relationship.

This stagnant energy without the spout often turned into a disease in the body. In particular, it is, according to Dr. Myss, closely associated with obesity and is prone to cancer and inflammatory diseases.

If this is you, nothing changes if you wait for something to change. Because your thoughts are created by your current environment, and that environment was created by your unconscious archetype like this. So this is something you have to change consciously.

This is also a part of me that I am working on myself right now. It is very hard sometimes, but I am trying to raise awareness by becoming more conscious of my thoughts and feelings. “Prostitute archetypes” are not limited to women, but everyone has a different level of energy. Money is the powerful thing that can control you, and therefore many people can understand when you make a financial excuse. 

The important thing is to listen to your voice from your soul. “You have to get out of this state,” “This is not where you belong.” These are calls from your soul. And you need to be aware of the prostitute in you that have such shadows, face them sincerely, and constantly examine your thoughts and actions. 

“God (or Gods or the universe) never leaves you on a burning bridge.”

This is something that I am telling myself, but I will post it anyway as it will lead to your “conscious” health.

Prostitute in you looks for security.


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