The Christmas gift for myself has arrived! – Berkey Filter

I accomplished much this year. So I sent myself a Christmas gift to celebrate myself and it arrived yesterday. Hoo Hoo Hoo!

The water filter I was using had gotten broken a while ago, so I placed an order for Berkey Filter which I have wanted to give it a try for quite a long time. 

70% of our physical body is water. The water is indispensable for us to live, and influencing our body, spirit, emotions, and thinking. 

The water from a tap in your house traveled a long distance from the source. Water absorbs energy and minerals from the wild but at the same time, it contacts with many harmful substances for our body. 

Water is also given disinfectants and it has to have a minimum chlorine level when it comes out of your tap. It is necessary but chlorine also damages our health in many ways. Especially when the chlorine gets warmed up it creates a carcinogenic byproduct called trihalomethane by six folds as much as it is in cold water. When you take a shower you inhale it in the steam to your lung. So pay attention to the  water quality in your bathroom as well.

Water also contains heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, pesticide, herbicide, and other POPs. 

Water is said to absorb energy and sustain it so avoid filthy water as much as possible to refrain from being negatively charged by harmful energy. 

If you want to know more about water, how to minimize toxins in it, please listen to my PodCast below.

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  1. 極力有機肉、放牧肉を食べること、2. 定期的に腸内フローラに良いことをすること。










Quite shocking fact of antibiotics

The shocking fact I learned today

Overuse of antibiotics has been an issue in many places. I know this is true for both the US and Japan. Many people still think antibiotics are the panacea for many health issues. Even some doctors still prescribe it for viral infections such as cold, flu, or bronchitis even most of them would treat only bacterial infections. 

It has been said this overuse of antibiotics is actually causing many chronic diseases. Also really bad for your gut health. Why? It kills not only BAD bacteria but also GOOD bacterias that are necessary for our gut to function properly. Also antibiotic creates superbugs that got immune to existing antibiotics. 

So I know many of you try to avoid antibiotics if it is not absolutely necessary, right? So do I. That was why I was quite shocked to learn this.

According to Ann Cooper from the lunchbox dot org, “80% of all antibiotics produced are used for animal agriculture.” 

(Also refer to etc)

80%? Wow. This is a lot. And I realized even we try not to take antibiotics from hospitals as a pill form, it comes into our body from what we eat unless you are eating organic meat. 

I think this tells you 2 things if you want to be healthy and be the best you. 1. Eat Organic meat 2. Constantly take care of your gut flora. 

I just remember I saw an article a couple of years ago, antibiotic, and an antidepressant agent was found in wild salmons in Puget Sound in Seattle. Chemical toxins are everywhere. Now we really need to be aware of that. 

Our 8+1 Detox program

will not only balance your gut flora but also remove bad bacteria and endotoxins from your gut, and nurture your gut walls only by food and natural supplements. 

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Is your antibiotics really necessary?





Detox Side Effect!

The main purpose of the detoxification program is to optimize your detoxification organs mainly Gut, Liver, and kidney and excrete toxins that have been accumulated in your system. But after completion of the 8+1 Detox Program, I did with a couple of other people actually lower my cholesterol as a welcoming side effect. 

About half a year ago, I was told my cholesterol was on a high side. But the balance between LDL, HDL, and Triglyceroid was not too bad, I did not give much care for that. After completion of the detox program, I asked my doctor to check my cholesterol level and found my Total Cholesterol went down by 30mg/a dl, also LDL (aka Bad Cholesterol) down by 25mg/dl without compensating HDL much. 

8+1 detox mainly relies on the power of food. You will learn what the clean beneficial food for your healthy living in the first 2 weeks and you will be able to crowd out the food that negatively affects you and break your bad eating habit for most people. This is why the issues like cholesterol that can largely be controlled by what you eat will get a beneficial side effect. 

If you are interested in the 8+1 Group Detox Program which I am planning to start from the beginning of next year, please leave me your e-mail address for more information. 

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Detox side effect!





You have myriad of minor gut symptoms? You may have a leaky gut. 

The biggest enemy for health in our generation may be inflammation. The heat from the immune function is, of course, a very important defense mechanism when you have flu, cold, and injury. But this immune response is activated repeatedly and becomes chronic, it causes lots of malfunction. It starts damaging tissues and causes insulin resistance and if it is untreated you end up becoming diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease, dementia, and cancer. It is now said inflammation is the underlying cause of most of the existing chronic diseases. 

You might hear about Leakey Gut Syndrome. Some still say it is a pseudoscience, I definitely think it is real and makes sense. Leaky Gut syndrome, as it literally reads, your GI tract becomes “Leaky” and let pathogens, viruses, and other bad actors into your bloodstream. If this happens, you are not only suffered chronically from diarrhea and constipation, but also from chronic fatigue to brain fog, weak immune system, to allergies. 

And Leaky Gut is a huge contributor to inflammation. Because it lets a variety of toxins into the bloodstream, it triggers your immune response, thus chronic inflammation. 

Then why does your gut become leaky?

There is no one cause. It is thought our diet change, toxin increase, and abusive medicine prescriptions and increased stress in modern society. but the best reason of all is the decrease of our microbiome. 

This is why it is so important to cultivate your microbes in your gut, this is now fundamental for our health. When you have your gut in the right order, your body, brain, emotions, and mind also start to work right. 

HERE are steps for you to implement the diet that helps to balance your gut microbiome and prevent yourself from getting a leaky gut. 

Look at the list of choices, take 1 at a time and do it for a week. The choices you picked are meant to be permanent. This slow phase-by-phase implementation is the most promising way to implement new lifestyle choices and crowd out current ones that may give a bad effect on you. 

Super Easy:

  1. Include soluble fiber-rich food (oatmeal, whole grain, banana, unpeeled organic fruits smoothies etc.) in your breakfast and dinner, and take a probiotic supplement with it. 
  2. Eat plenty of salad at least once a day.
  3. Consume probiotic food at least once a day (Such as Kiefer, Yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut etc) 
  4. Cut off your alcohol consumption to a glass of wine or beer a day. 
  5. When you snack, take a limited portion in a down and never eat from a bag.
  6. Share your dessert with someone. 
  7. Mindful to eat anti-inflammatory food. (Berries, nuts, seeds, wholegrain, turmeric, ginger, dark green leaf, etc)
  8. Do not pop in pain killers, (Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Aspirin)
  9. Be mindful when you have to take antibiotics. 

When you complete all of the above, consider implementing ones from the next level. 

I, as a Health Optimizer, specializing in gut health, guide you through your journey for your healthy, happy, wellbeing by gradually implementing new customized diet and lifestyle according to your bio-individuality.

Please feel relaxed and contact me for a Free 30 minutes health consultation with no obligations.
I just let you feel when you have personal support for your health and well-being. 

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Leaky gut is decreased permeability of gut lining. (Image from









リーキーガット(leaky- 漏れやすい、gut- 腸)とは、くだけて言えば腸壁に穴が空き、食事や解毒機能によって腸管入ってきた毒素が絶え間なく血液中に侵入する現象で、慢性的な下痢、便秘、膨張感といった胃腸の不調のみならず、疲れ、頭痛、体の痛み、思考ボケ、免疫低下、アレルギー反応、といったあらゆるゆるい異常を呈します。この腸漏れによって血液中に侵入した毒素は当然ながら、免疫を発動させ慢性的な炎症を起こすのです。








  1. 朝食、夕食にプロバイオティック・サプリと、水溶性繊維(オートミール、発芽玄米、バナナ、皮をむいていないオーガニックフルーツのスムージーなど)を摂る。
  2. 1日一回は、サラダを食べる
  3. プロバイオティックな食べ物を1日一度摂取する(活性乳酸菌ヨーグルト、キーファー、キムチ、納豆、サワークラウトなど)
  4. お酒を習慣的に飲む人は、1日一杯のビールかワインに減らし、必ず食事と一緒に飲む。
  5. スナック菓子などを食べるときは、お皿にとって量を制限する。バッグから食べない。
  6. デザートは、一人で食べずだれかとシェアーする。
  7. 抗炎症効果のある食べ物を気にして食べる。(光物の魚、ベリー類、木ノ実、タネ類、全体穀物、濃緑野菜、大豆、ピーマン、ビーツ、生姜、ウコン根、にんにく、オリーブ油など)
  8. 痛み止め(アセタミノフェン、イブプロフェンなど)を容易に摂取せず他の方法で痛みを和らげる努力をする。


  1. 食べ物をオーガニックに変える。肉も、野菜も全て農薬や、ホルモン、抗生物質などを使用していない食材にする。
  2. 赤肉を減らす、もしくは、一切なくす。少なくとも、オーガニックに切り替える。
  3. 白米をやめ、発芽玄米にする。
  4. 食パン、その他のパンを断つ
  5. 卵をオメガ3の高い平飼い卵に変える。
  6. 菜食主義者になる
  7. 精製された砂糖を一切止める。
  8. コンビニで食べ物を買うことを一切止める
  9. 箱入りの食事、あらかじめ料理された冷凍食品、
  10. お酒を断つ
  11. お腹空いていないときに食べることを止める。


  1. 小麦を摂取するのを止める
  2. グルテンを止める
  3. デザートをやめ、フルーツのみにする
  4. 一日最低6グラムの繊維を食事以外で摂取する
  5. ヴィーガンになる













娘が、いたずらのつもりか、ぼくの2、3枚先のスティッキーノートに「I am happy, are you?」(私は幸せだけど、あなたは?)とこっそり書き残しました。先日スティッキーノートを一枚はがすと、そのノートが現れ、ちょっとの間考えてしまいました。




これを心理学的な観点から研究したShawn Achorという心理学者は、そのことを彼の著作のなかで述べています。この「幸せが成功のかぎ」理論は、心理学または、脳神経学のあらゆる研究で、ポジティブな見通しや、幸福感が脳を活性化し、創造性、行動性などを向上させ、結果としてより仕事の生産性を上げることが裏付けされていると述べています。

これは、遺伝子学的にも、固定観念を変化させること(成功が幸せを運んでくる、など)が、遺伝子の変化を多大に加速化させることがわかっており、また、個人がポジティブな考えを増加させ、社交的に親密性を深める時、幸福度を増すだけでなく、仕事や、アカデミックな結果を向上させることが様々の研究でわかっています。(Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton)








I am happy, are you?




I am happy, are you? 

I am happy, are you? 

I peeled a new sticky note and found hand-written letters on the note underneath that was obviously not my writing.

“I am happy, are you?” 

My 11 year old daughter playfully jotted it down for me. It was a bit of a surprise that made me pause my work and started thinking.

Everyone wants to be happy. But when and how? I know many people who think success brings happiness. Not only big success but also achieving goals like losing weight by 5lb, pass an exam, and get promoted at work, etc. 

However, this “Success brings happiness” may have been one of our beliefs that have been programmed by our society. Many successful people seem happy. But they may have already been happy before they became successful? 

Maybe it is  “Happiness brings success”?

Shawn Achor, the phycologist dived into this notion and said: “success does not bring happiness, but it is actually a vise-versa, Happiness brings Success”. Many scientific studies prove that positive forecast and feeling happy increase creativity and brain activity. It brings good results and higher performance at work. 

Also, It is known by genetic research that breaking beliefs dramatically accelerates genetic change. When we think more positively, and increase intimacy with others will not only make us happy but it improves our work and academic performance. (Reference Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton)

Additionally, positive thinking slows down aging. So be open to new ideas, positive thinking, and feeling happy now is attracting your success and not vise-versa. 

So if you think you need to be successful to be happy, try to be happy now. It may take you much closer to your success. 

How can you be happy? Big question. One thing I want to say is that the Health Coach can guide you through your journey to find happiness, as well. Happiness is also within our idea of “The Health”.

Would you like to have a chat with me about your health and happiness? Feel free to contact me. 

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発芽玄米 (Germinated Brown Rice [GBR]) English after Japanese.












1. 玄米をきれいな水(水道水なら、フィルターすること)に半日(12時間くらい)浸ける。

2. 水を入れ替えて(重要!水に溶け出た毒素を捨てる)また半日浸ける。
3. 水を捨てて(匂いや泡が出ることがある)軽く洗い、水を切って蓋をし、1日(24時間くらい)置く。


4. 芽が出てきたら通常の炊飯器の玄米モードで炊く。(普通のモードでもオッケー)







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Do you want to eat Brown rice but hard to digest? Make it sprouted!

Grains are seeds. Therefore it contains chemicals to attack the external enemies to protect itself.

Lectin and Phytic Acid are the examples. This anti-nutrients bind with magnesium, calcium, iron and other nutrients and block those nutrients from being digested in your body.

How about Arsenic? Grain has, well, rice has high level of arsenic in general and brown rice contains more arsenic than white one. This is due to the arsenic gets stored in its husk. 

The way you can dramatically minimize these issues is Germination.

The lectins will be almost gone when spouted. 

When grains sprouted its gluten and proteins become more easily digested so it becomes much easier for your stomach.

Arsenic will also be removed by 80% after this process. 

Surprisingly, Soaking for 3 h and sprouting for 21 h has been found to be optimum for getting the highest gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The intake of GBR instead of white rice ameliorates the hyperglycemia, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, inhibits development of cancer cells and assists the treatment of anxiety disorders. [data]

This is no longer just a “Brown Rice”! It is a super GBR!
Here is how I make brown rice sprouted:

1. Soak whole brown rice in clean water (not from a tap) for a half day.
2. Dump the water, (Important! the toxins also gets drained) and refill with new clean water for another 12 hours.
3. Dump the water,(again!) rinse it and put the lid on and leave for about 24 hours.
4. When you see it sprouted with tiny bud, it’s done. Cook it with your rice cooker as you normally do. (you may want little less water than usual. See how much water you like by trying a couple times) If you do not have a rice cooker, pour 1.5 to 2 times as much water as the  quantity of the rice and (hajime chord-choro naka papa) Start with low heat and higher heat once it starts boiling, turn the heat down to medium, cook until all water is gone. (However recommending a rice cooker if you eat often)


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一時芸能人の方々の多くが癌にかかったり、心臓発作で連続して亡くなったニュースが絶えませんでしたが、実際、80年代には20万人ほどであったガンの罹患数は、2015年には2.5倍以上の 50万人に達し、その後も増え続けています。また、糖尿病も1997年には予備軍含めて1360万人であった数値が、2016年には2000万人となっており、上昇の一途。その他にも、高血圧、脳血管疾患、心臓病など、まるで三十年前のアメリカのごとき健康クライシスと言っても過言ではない現状です。

You are what you eat. 「あなたはあなたの食べるものそのものです」


HoLISTIC NATIoNALは、あなたが自分をいたわり、真の健康を取り返し、今のあなた以上の自分を発見することを100%支援するあなたのパワースポットです。