I am happy, are you? 

I am happy, are you? 

I peeled a new sticky note and found hand-written letters on the note underneath that was obviously not my writing.

“I am happy, are you?” 

My 11 year old daughter playfully jotted it down for me. It was a bit of a surprise that made me pause my work and started thinking.

Everyone wants to be happy. But when and how? I know many people who think success brings happiness. Not only big success but also achieving goals like losing weight by 5lb, pass an exam, and get promoted at work, etc. 

However, this “Success brings happiness” may have been one of our beliefs that have been programmed by our society. Many successful people seem happy. But they may have already been happy before they became successful? 

Maybe it is  “Happiness brings success”?

Shawn Achor, the phycologist dived into this notion and said: “success does not bring happiness, but it is actually a vise-versa, Happiness brings Success”. Many scientific studies prove that positive forecast and feeling happy increase creativity and brain activity. It brings good results and higher performance at work. 

Also, It is known by genetic research that breaking beliefs dramatically accelerates genetic change. When we think more positively, and increase intimacy with others will not only make us happy but it improves our work and academic performance. (Reference Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton)

Additionally, positive thinking slows down aging. So be open to new ideas, positive thinking, and feeling happy now is attracting your success and not vise-versa. 

So if you think you need to be successful to be happy, try to be happy now. It may take you much closer to your success. 

How can you be happy? Big question. One thing I want to say is that the Health Coach can guide you through your journey to find happiness, as well. Happiness is also within our idea of “The Health”.

Would you like to have a chat with me about your health and happiness? Feel free to contact me. 

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