Raise your immunity in both physically and vibrationally (Yin and Yang).

Especially for Coronavirus epidemic

Basically, if your power increases, your immunity will increase. It’s all about boosting your power, not wasting that power and getting tired.

Particulate (substance, body) immunity power-up:

(Links are products I recommend.)

* Eat foods with high antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, such as raw vegetables and fruits (fresh vegetables, coconut oil (US Amazon), berries, mushrooms supplement(US Amazon), etc.)

* Add your stamina with high-quality meat

* Herbs (echinacea US Amazon, goldensealUS Amazon, maca US Amazon, etc.)

* Vitamin Supplements (Vitamin C, E, D, etc.)

* Probiotic and prebiotic foods (foods containing live bacteria, supplements, fiber, raw vegetables as prebiotic)

* Be naked in the sun, Exercise. 

Health cannot be obtained on the particle side alone. Energetically speaking, by bringing your frequency (energy) closer to health, the balance between Yin and Yang is maintained. If you are scared by the corona epidemic, you will attract it. This is because the vibrations are in sync, and in that case, it’s a good idea to pull your spirit wire gets unplugged from the coronavirus. (Of course, I am speaking metaphorically, this is done by your visualization or affirmation) Also, if you are depressed or stressed, energy will fall and it will be easier to attract viruses.

So what about the wavey way of increasing your power?

Wave (energy) immune power-ups:

* Laugh out loud every day, even not funny.

* Sing out loud.

* Dance from your soul.

* Take energy medicine modality like acupuncture, Qigong, Shiatsu, Tai Chi, Homeopath, Flower Remedy, Aromatherapy, etc.

* Immune enhancement meditation, unplug meditation

[If you feel the energy is stagnating, do below]

* Do something outrageous (do something that you never do)

* Change your clothes to something you would never wear

* Re-arrange the room

* Go to the mountains, get naked and unite with nature

* Change your hairstyle you have never imagined before.

Raising immunity from the energy side does not cost any money!

(it’s a skill that everyone actually has, because energy is inherently gained and controlled by yourself.)


It is like Quantum Physics found particles are also wave form, our health is not complete without taking energy into consideration.



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