Quite shocking fact of antibiotics

The shocking fact I learned today

Overuse of antibiotics has been an issue in many places. I know this is true for both the US and Japan. Many people still think antibiotics are the panacea for many health issues. Even some doctors still prescribe it for viral infections such as cold, flu, or bronchitis even most of them would treat only bacterial infections. 

It has been said this overuse of antibiotics is actually causing many chronic diseases. Also really bad for your gut health. Why? It kills not only BAD bacteria but also GOOD bacterias that are necessary for our gut to function properly. Also antibiotic creates superbugs that got immune to existing antibiotics. 

So I know many of you try to avoid antibiotics if it is not absolutely necessary, right? So do I. That was why I was quite shocked to learn this.

According to Ann Cooper from the lunchbox dot org, “80% of all antibiotics produced are used for animal agriculture.” 

(Also refer to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4638249/ etc)

80%? Wow. This is a lot. And I realized even we try not to take antibiotics from hospitals as a pill form, it comes into our body from what we eat unless you are eating organic meat. 

I think this tells you 2 things if you want to be healthy and be the best you. 1. Eat Organic meat 2. Constantly take care of your gut flora. 

I just remember I saw an article a couple of years ago, antibiotic, and an antidepressant agent was found in wild salmons in Puget Sound in Seattle. Chemical toxins are everywhere. Now we really need to be aware of that. 

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Is your antibiotics really necessary?




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