Are you TRULY “You”?

Live holistically and blossom your true potentials… right now.

Yes! I will!


There are magical places in the world with the power to enlighten the mind, increase creativity, heal the body, and awaken the soul to its true purpose in life. These powerful places are found all across the planet in the form of sacred mountains, healing springs, enchanted caves, and sites of divine apparitions. When humans enter these fields, they may experience a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects.

This “magical place” is a great metaphor for what HoLISTIC NATIONAL is aspiring to create. Whether it is a virtual or real world, we create space where people share and collaborate our wisdom and knowledge gives a new perspective to our potential, tapping into our established notions and co-creates new ways of thinking from a holistic view of the entire world. This will not only blossom the flower within you but also ultimately pave the way to understand ourselves and to evolve for true health, peace, and happiness.

Great! Let me in!


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“We are designed to live to 200.”

Jitte Krishnamurti 1895 – 1986

Let’s Bloom 200. Our life expectancy is increasing year after year, but the majority of us spend the later years with some pain or unhappiness. If we are holistically optimized by taking control of our own body, mind and lifestyle, as many researchers say we can live young and happy until we take off to a next journey. We may be “designed to live to 200” just as the Philosopher J. Krishnamurti once said. Our events “Bloom200” will inspire, motivate and teach you how.

“Health” is one heck of the priority. 

If you become holistically healthy, the world you are living becomes healthy. 

In order to blossom yourself, “Health” is our number one priority. If your vehicle – Body is malfunctioning, you can not go where you want to go, or even you do not find where you want to go.  

2 out of 5 have chronic pain and 50% of us have some chronic disease in our country. And this number is increasing. Most of us know someone with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, AIDS, and cancer…Even not that serious, it seems almost conditional to have chronic fatigue, headache, brain fog, leaky gut, sleep disorder, a hormonal disorder to exist in this world… This is one obvious reason that withers the blossom within you. 

Once my Ayurvedic teacher told me, “We are a natural being, therefore our system attacks when unnatural things come inside us.” This is plainer than the sunlight. Think how many adjectives do you have to add when you want to ask for real natural Milk? – “Nonskimmed”, “Unpasteurized”, “Nonhomogenized”, “Non-GMO”, “No pesticides”, “No Hormone”, “No Antibiotic”, “No Added vitamins”… We are getting too far from “Nature” that was once much closer to our grandparents drinking raw milk from nearby farmers.  

So eat naturally, live naturally and look back to our traditional wisdom first seem to be a good idea. The science has been discovering many facts such as in our genes or microbes that have been backing up our wisdom towards health in last three decades. This brings us back to Holistic eating and living, and the idea about co-existing with nature. That ultimately leads you aware the WHOLENESS of our world, which actually is the most fundamental to blossom true YOU. Let’s learn, share and obtain the wisdom together.

So Let’s find out and blossom true YOU.

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